I listen to music pretty much for 12 hours a day. In fact, the only time I turn it off is if I’m conducting a phone interview, transcribing notes or sometimes working on something that’s actually complex and requires 100 per cent concentration. Otherwise, it’s loud and it’s constant. I bet my neighbours love me.… Continue Reading

Robotic laws for real?

Dr Isaac Asimov died in 1992, but before he did, he wrote or edited over 500 books, included amongst them some of the finest science fiction every put to paper. His approach to science fiction was rational and realistic, asking clever “what if” type questions and then making realistic characters react realistically around the situations… Continue Reading

You know you got me . . .

Perhaps of limited interest to readers of this corner of the blogosphere (can a sphere have corners? Hmm, probably not. Anyway . . .) but the soundtrack to my morning today has been the second single from Paul Hartnoll (ex of dance behemoth Orbital), with vocals by The Cure’s Robert Smith. It’s called Please and… Continue Reading

See Bill dance!

My friend Q has a perverse sense of humour and somehow has managed to coerce Nice Guy Bill into guinea-pigging for him in a meeja-type experiment, filming Bill against an infinity background and then putting him on the Internet. So remember kids, be careful who you tread on  – it can come back to haunt… Continue Reading