Online fraud is still fraud

Did you know the word ‘gullible’ doesn’t appear in the dictionary? And if you fell for that ancient line, I have some magic beans to sell you. I had occasion today to use Western Union to send some money to the US for something I am doing at the moment and I noticed on the… Continue Reading

Review: Innocent when you dream

Innocent When You Dream: Tom Waits: The Collected Interviews, edited by Mac Montandon, Orion Books, €21.90. (By Alex Meehan, Published Sunday, February 26, 2006 in The Sunday Business Post) Listening to Tom Waits’ music has the ability to make you feel cooler than you actually are. Innocent When You Dream, a selection of the many… Continue Reading

Gun nuts redux

Hmm, The search frenzy is powering on as my blog traffic stats remain ridiculously high. In my wordpress stats page, I can see the search terms that have brought people to this page. I won’t bore you with that, but I just wanted to point out that not just one but three people arrived at… Continue Reading

More reviews

As you can see, I’m slowly reposting some of the archives from my old blog here. Even though some people will have read these before, I’m reposting them because I want an archive at this blog rather than at the old one. Eventually when everything is taken from the old one, I’ll try to have… Continue Reading

Review: Samurai William by Giles Milton

Review: Samurai William by Giles Milton (Review published Sunday, June 09, 2002, reviewed by Alex Meehan) In 1598, an English man named William Adams set sail for Japan as pilot of a Dutch expedition with five ships and 100 men. Lured by the thought of lucrative silk and spice trades, the Europeans hoped to make… Continue Reading

Review: Prey by Michael Crichton

Prey by Michael Crichton, Harper Collins, €17.35 (Review published Sunday, January 12, 2003, The Sunday Business Post, review by Alex Meehan.) When Jurassic Park became one of the biggest hits of the 1990s, scientists bemoaned the fact that the story’s nightmare scenario of the return of the dinosaurs set back the image of genetic engineering… Continue Reading

A Bollywood Forest? Unlikely but fabulous

These people are Olli and the Bollywood Orchestra and they have recorded a truly magnificent song. It’s a bangra cover of The Cure’s A Forest and it’s truly epic. Everyone should hear this, and not just for its novelty value – it’s excellent. Check it out at their MySpace page: