Lost 3 ends on a high note

The season three finale of Lost was aired on Irish TV on Sunday night. Fantastic. Really, really excellent. The first half of the third season was weak – still good compared to most prime time TV, but just nowhere near as accomplished as the previous two series of Lost. However, the second half of the… Continue Reading

Neon Bible and The Arcade Fire

It’s a long time since I’ve heard an album that’s just grabbed me from the first track and been excellent all the way through. If you’ve never heard of them, check out The Arcade Fire and their album Neon Bible. Play it loud.

A week in Mallorca

Myself and some friends have just gotten back from a week’s hols on Mallorca – and had a fantastic time. We rented a villa in the hills outside Pollensa and kicked back. We also managed to fit in some yacht-shaped fun and spent some time cruising around the Island. Really, great fun. If you haven’t… Continue Reading

On the internet, nobody knows who you are.

Somebody sent me a link to an article on the nature of how people present themselves on the internet. It’s interesting, and I know I’ve seen the behaviour detailed within the article continually over the years. When people have the opportunity to separate their actions from their real world and identity, they feel less vulnerable… Continue Reading