In print at last!

So it seems I’ve finally made it into print in book form, although not perhaps in the way I’d been aiming. A quote from a review I wrote last year for Mia Gallagher’s excellent Hellfire novel has been reproduced on the inside cover in the paperback edition. Hurray! Sort of. (Long time readers of the… Continue Reading

Review: Blaze, by Richard Bachman

King by another name – and it’s scary too Blaze. By Richard Bachman, Hodder and Staughton, €17.60. Review published in The Sunday Business Post, Sunday, June 10, 2007 – Reviewed By Alex Meehan Love him or hate him, there’s no doubt that Stephen King is among the most important writers to emerge in the last… Continue Reading

Can you has cheezburger?

I’m strangely drawn to ‘I can has Cheezburger?’, the most disturbed blog on the web. It consists of pictures sent in by fans of small furry animals, usually cats, in humorous pictures with captions. Most are nauseatingly cutesy – submitted presumably by the same kind of middle-aged woman who wears nothing but pink and thinks… Continue Reading

Review: An Iron Rose, by Peter Temple

Hard-boiled thriller with an Australian accent An Iron Rose, by Peter Temple Review published in the Sunday Business Post, May 27, 2007 – Reviewed by Alex Meehan It’s not often you come across a detective novel set in Melbourne, and rarer still that it’s quite so good as Peter Temple’s An Iron Rose. When MacArthur… Continue Reading