Keepon keeps on!

Check out this extraordinarily cool music video. The little yellow robot isn’t a prop – it’s actually a real robot under development in Japan, designed to mimic social communication patterns. It’s freaky! He’s called Keepon. You can find out more here.

Catwalk fabulous . . .

So my incredibly talanted sister Deborah* and her guru-like husband Charlie had a triumph last night (in the Latin sense of the word) when they held their first catwalk fashion show in Dublin city at the uber-trendy Fallon & Byrne on Wicklow Street. Deborah and her friend Aideen Bodkin have worked in fashion for a… Continue Reading

On Writing as a Fantasist

Have you ever read something and wished you’d written it? While attempting to avoid work this morning, I looked at Scott Card’s website and he’s posted a link to an essay by a guy I’ve never heard of – Dave Wolverton. His essay, ‘On Writing as a Fantasist’ is a excellent read. He’s articulated something… Continue Reading


It ‘s a gorgeous summers day outside today, so me and Bob went for a walk. Here he is, surveying his dominion.

Tickle me Emo

Know any young people? Want to wind them up? Start asking at regular intervals if they are ‘an emo’? This works particularly well if they are as un-emo as possible. They will be highly offended and in fact will usually be so shocked by the question that they will be unable to formulate a response… Continue Reading


So things have been a little slow around here for the last few days – I’ve been sick and am now trying to catch up on work stuff. We’ve also been doing some work on our house, and as I work from home, that means I’ve been working in a building site for around two… Continue Reading

Tony Wilson RIP

A great man has passed away. Tony Wilson needs nothing more to be said about him, other than that his exceptional bright and shining talent was to take people with vision but not voice and empower them to do something extraordinary. Joy Division, New Order, The Happy Mondays, the Durutti Column. Modern Youth Culture would… Continue Reading