Festive cheer

This is an authentic press release put out by the Garda (Irish police) press office in Dublin this afternoon. I didn’t receive it personally, but obviously every journalist working on a news desk today immediately forwarded this to all their mates. Gardai from Kevin Street Garda station, Dublin are investigating the theft of 180 Kegs… Continue Reading

Are you hot or cold on climate change?

Like a lot of people I don’t know what to think about the issue of climate change. This is what happens when a public debate continues for some time but you weren’t paying attention at the outset. People are now arguing about the data without presenting a ‘beginner’s guide’ style of introduction. It’s hard to… Continue Reading

Italian fantastic

Went to Italy last weekend. The wife had to go on business, so we paid for me to go on the cheap with Ryanair. Ryanair sucked (Seriously, the decent into Forli airport prematurely aged me. The pilot took four goes to land the plan, aborting each at the last second to go around again. We… Continue Reading

It’s Trek Jim, but not as we know it!

So I’m wandering around the web this afternoon, and a friend directs me to Star Trek New Voyages What the . . . ? “These are the new voyages of the Star Ship Enterprise, boldly going yada yada.” This is an incredibly complex web-only fan created TV series, set in the original Star Trek universe… Continue Reading