State of the musical nation

Alan Wilder (ex Depeche Mode) has written a very interesting pulic letter on the state of the music industry that makes for some good reading for anyone who loves music: We live in a world of technology – exponentially increasing breakthroughs in all things scientific. So fast that we can’t even keep up with it.… Continue Reading

Review: The Gum Thief

The Gum Thief by Douglas Coupland. Bloomsbury, €15 Published November 11th, 2007, Sunday Business Post. Review by Alex Meehan. Visiting Douglas Coupland’s smart Alec imagination isn’t for everyone, but in The Gum Thief, he delivers a witty, clever compelling indictment of modern employment while also saying something interesting about the fundamental sameness of people. If… Continue Reading

Pictures of you

I got sent this link earlier today by a friend who knows I’m a big fan of The Cure. It’s a newly released advert from Australia about the dangers of driving too fast that uses a version of a song by The Cure called Pictures of You to show the effects on people left behind.… Continue Reading

One day, on top of a mountain . . .

So the family unit decided to take a jaunt up the Sugarloaf in Wicklow on Sunday. Now, we don’t have real mountains in Ireland, in the Everest/Pyrenees/Apennines sense of the word but we do have some pretty hills, and so off we set. It’s more of a climb than it looks from sea level, but… Continue Reading

Review: Death Message

DEATH MESSAGE. By Mark Billingham, Brown, €15.00. Published September 9th, 2007, The Sunday Business Post. Review by Alex Meehan When it comes to creating fictional detectives, there are some basic rules of thumb that the majority of authors adhere to. Generally, fictional crime fighters should be middle-aged and, thanks to their love of coffee and… Continue Reading

Speed cabling – nice . . .

I had to laugh when I read this. I’ve just finished re-cabling my office (to take into account a newly purchased 500 gb external hard disk I’m now using for backing up my work archives and records) and so have spent a nasty dusty messy and frustrating hour untangling the rat’s nest of cables behind… Continue Reading