Pop culture’s on an uphill slant

What’s happened to the world in the last six months? Everything’s seems to be getting better! Lost has just finished series four – and it was the best yet. Not since I feverishly wondered what was down the hatch at the of series one have I tuned in as urgently to Sunday night TV. The… Continue Reading

Review: A Secret Place

A Secret Place by Patricia Rainsford, €15 Published January 20th, 2008, Sunday Business Post. Review by Alex Meehan. The problem with crime fiction is that so many people think ‘hey, I can do that’ — before proceeding to do it badly. The genre is heaving with mediocrity and for every artfully constructed page turner there… Continue Reading

My enemy’s enemy. . .

is my friend, or so it says in the book of Exodus. In this case, it’s Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, TV chef and foppish foodie. Hugh makes good television, and contributes to the amount of soothing pastoral green acreage we get on our TV screens. Mr Fearnley-Whittingstall seems like a decent bloke, and is currently in the… Continue Reading