How hot is hot?

I’ve just wrapped up a business article on the Middle East and came across this piece of trivia while researching it. The hottest temperature recorded on earth was in El Azizia in 1922, on the northern part of the African continent. Apparently on a Tuesday afternoon in September, scientists recorded ground temperatures of 136° F/57.8°… Continue Reading

Some nice video of Nikko

A friend of mine shot and posted this very beautiful piece of video on vimeo. It’s of the mountain town of Nikko in Japan, a famous tourist attraction a few hours north of Tokyo. I go there a fair bit when I’m visiting that country as it serves as a sort of antidote to the… Continue Reading

You’d have to be insane

I’m researching a story on skiing at the moment, and came across this video of Corbet’s Couloir in North America on youtube. This is a crevice beloved by lunatics as it appears to be bottomless until the point where you jump off it. What I want to know is who figured that out for the… Continue Reading

Book review: Never suck a dead man’s hand

Never Suck a Dead Man’s Hand. By Dana Kollmann, Merlin, €13 Published Sunday, September 07, 2008 in The Sunday Business Post With CSI and Cold Case among the most popular shows on TV, the public’s voracious appetite for police procedural stories shows no signs of abating. We seem to be endlessly fascinated with what goes… Continue Reading