Lost draws to a close . . .

Okay, including What Kate Does we’re now three hours into the final season of Lost. The verdict? Well, first off the first two hours – the season premier in fact – were absolutely solid. Excellent television – we got the start of the flash-sideways alternate reality device, we got a smoke monster reveal, we got… Continue Reading

New York visit . . .

I was recently in New York, a city I’d happily visit anytime – it’s probably my favourite city destination anywhere in the world. An awesome place, with a palpable sense of personality and history. I have some good friends there now . . .

Book review: The Lost Symbol, by Dan Brown

The Lost Symbol By Dan Brown Bantam Press, €11.40 (half-price) Published in The Sunday Business Post on September 20th, 2009, reviewed by Alex Meehan Booksellers everywhere have had the release date of Dan Brown’s latest novel The Lost Symbol circled on their calendars for months. Not since the last Harry Potter book appeared in 2007… Continue Reading

Michie Dublin!

Regular readers of this blog (or in fact just normal people who know me!) know I have this Japan fetish thing. Been there a lot, like the country and the people, practice old style Japanese martial arts etc etc. One of the best things about visiting Japan is how fantastic the food is – it’s… Continue Reading

Book review: Makers, By Cory Doctorow

Makers By Cory Doctorow Harper Voyager, €18 Published in The Sunday Business Post on January 24, 2010, reviewed by Alex Meehan From boom to bust, Cory Doctorow’s latest novel tells the story of what happens when an economy attempts to reinvent itself, only to find out that the fundamental building blocks on which it is… Continue Reading


This blog has been much neglected in recent months, mostly because my time and attentions have been distracted by the shiny bauble of social networking – a one-line tweet or FB update just seems . . . well, easier. Anyway, gonna try to get this back on track. I have a tonne of book reviews… Continue Reading