Life imitating art. Or something.

Got sent this a few days ago by Red. See if you can spot what’s entertaining about this link to a story in last weeks’ Times newspaper. Pope ‘is at centre of Vatican abuse cover-up’, says Hans Küng By Roger Boyes, Berlin Pope Benedict XVI arrives in the Paul VI hall for his weekly general… Continue Reading

Author interview: Jason Pinter

I met Jason for a very pleasant morning of coffee and chatting in The Merrion Hotel a while ago, and this was the piece that came out of it. He’s a really decent guy, depressingly young to have achieved so much, but altogether a down to earth geezer. Enjoy! Alex Jason Pinter interview Published in… Continue Reading

Book review: Anathem, by Neal Stephenson

Anathem. By Neal Stephenson. Atlantic Books, €19 Published in The Sunday Business Post on November 9th, 2008, reviewed by Alex Meehan As an exponent of the more cerebral variety of science fiction, Neal Stephenson’s books are not for the fainthearted. Readers of his work are more likely to find themselves dealing with complex mathematical and… Continue Reading

Making social media work for businesses

As many of you know, I mostly write technology articles for newspapers and magazines here in Ireland. I don’t usually post that content up here as it tends to be time-specific and of niche interest. However, this piece might be interesting to people. It appears in this month’s Computerscope magazine, a controlled circulation publication. The… Continue Reading