Can you help?

Okay, this is an unusual post. A friend of mine recently donated a kidney to a desperately ill man in order to give him a fighting chance of life. It was an extraordinarily selfless act, but sadly in the end, he didn’t make it and passed away. In order to get his wife and young… Continue Reading

St Pelegrino Top 50 Restaurants

Here’s the top ten: 1     Noma     Denmark 2     El Bulli     Spain 3     The Fat Duck     UK 4     El Celler de Can Roca     Spain 5     Mugaritz     Spain 6     Osteria Francescana     Italy 7     Alinea     USA 8     Daniel     USA 9     Arzak     Spain 10  Per Se     USA Very Interesting. Lots and lots of new entries, and with that of… Continue Reading

The French Laundry

While having my lunch today and on a whim, I put the words ‘French Laundry’ into youtube to see what would come up. To my delight, someone has posted clips from an episode of Tony Bourdain’s Cook’s Tour featuring a visit to this restaurant. For those that don’t know (and unless you’re a shameless foodie,… Continue Reading

The Enrichment List

I wrote the cover story in today’s Agenda Magazine with the Sunday Business Post. If you’re interested in taking a look, it’s been posted online at the paper’s website and of course, you could still pick up a copy at a newsagent today. Enjoy! The Enriched list Sunday, April 04, 2010 – By Alex Meehan… Continue Reading

Nice iPad walk-through

As the title suggests, Macworld has published a really nice iPad walk through on youtube. Very interesting. In particular it’s nice to see the accessories clearly demonstrated. My last post on this piece of kit generated an absolutely ridiculous number of views – north of 3,000 as of now and still climbing. I’ve read all… Continue Reading