Cringe. Not good.

Ouch, this is not good. To be honest, Cowen really doesn’t deserve the degree of grief he’s gotten over this. Sure, it’s not his greatest moment and personally I’d love to see him bounced out of office, but talk about over reaction.


Right, so for those people not living in Ireland, or living under a rock in Ireland, here’s what happened yesterday morning. Our Taoiseach (pronounced tee-shock) Brian Cowen is currently attending a party ‘think-in’, or strategy meeting with the rest of the Fianna Fail party at a hotel in the country. Normally, these things consist of… Continue Reading

Article: Can happiness buy you money?

This is a long piece, ostensibly aimed at a business audience, but there are some pretty interesting ideas in it. Workers Paradise: Can happiness buy you money Published in The Sunday Business Post on September 12th, 2010, by Alex Meehan By the time you have finished reading this article, you will be just a little… Continue Reading

Article on happiness in business . . .

Interested in how to reconcile personal happiness with the goals of the business world? Pick up this week’s Sunday Business Post — I’ve written the cover story in the Agenda magazine on how happy employees create higher performing companies. Interesting stuff.