Lullaby 1989

Someone sent me a link to this earlier today and watching it again for the first time in 24 years sent shivers down my spine. I remember this being broadcast back in 1989 – I couldn’t tell you why but I was absolutely captivated. Robert Smith so perfectly captured the sense of alienation and difference… Continue Reading

Your name sir?

[RANT ON] Why is it tech companies insist on calling themselves names that start with lower case letters and then go on to include symbols that don’t mean anything? Okay, for a while in the 90s that was kind of fashionable, but why would you include a symbol in your name that isn’t actually phonetically… Continue Reading

Eckhart Tolle at Google.

An interesting discussion with Eckhart Tolle at Google. In particular, I like his thoughts on the difference between information and wisdom in a digital age. Tolle is an interesting man. Some of his ideas lean towards the pseudo-scientific, but the main thrust of his teachings on mindful living are extremely useful, and far outweigh any… Continue Reading

The Italian Job: Gennaro Contaldo

By Alex Meehan. First published in The Sunday Business Post, February 17th, 2013. Gennaro Contaldo is one of the most recognisable faces in the food world. A respected chef in his own right, he’s appeared in multiple TV series, written award winning food books and run successful restaurants but is still best known as mentor… Continue Reading

Grab a coffee, sit back and enjoy.

This is a video of Ford Hallam, a South African-based tsuba-shi, or metalworker who specialises in making tsuba or Japanese sword guards. The level of craftsmanship on display here is amazing. it’s worth watching through.

iOS 7: first impressions

So I’ve been using iOS7 on my phone for the last two days and thought I’d post something about it. Firstly though, some people will want to know how I have it now when it was barely announced this week and isn’t available to the public until the autumn. I don’t actually actually have ‘it’… Continue Reading