Ender’s Game

A couple of year ago, I met and got to spend some time talking to the American author Orson Scott Card. He wrote one of my all time favourite books – Ender’s Game. A science fiction classic, it’s being made into a movie due out later this year, with some heavyweight actors involved including Harrison… Continue Reading

Book review: Down the darkest road

Book review: Down the Darkest Road, By Tami Hoag Published in the The sunday Business Post on February 26th, 2012. By Alex Meehan If someone kidnapped one of your children, and you knew that they’d done it but couldn’t prove anything, what would you do? That’s the central question posed in Tami Hoag’s latest crime… Continue Reading

Book review: Down these green streets

Down these green streets Published in The Sunday Business Post on June 26th, 2011, reviewed by Alex Meehan So much has been written about the renaissance currently taking place in Irish crime fiction that it’s probably about time a book like Down these Green Streets appeared. Edited by well-known author, journalist and blogger Declan Burke,… Continue Reading