Grab a coffee, sit back and enjoy.

This is a video of Ford Hallam, a South African-based tsuba-shi, or metalworker who specialises in making tsuba or Japanese sword guards. The level of craftsmanship on display here is amazing. it’s worth watching through.

Culture night demonstration video

Had a hectic day on Friday – myself and my martial arts group performed an ’embu’ or public demonstration in Dublin city as part of Culture Night. We did it three times during the evening, for around 150 people each time. South Frederick Street was stuffed and it generally seems to have been well received.… Continue Reading

Culture night Japanese martial arts exhibition

So it’s ‘Culture Night’ this coming Friday, and my martial arts group will be giving a series of short public demonstrations of the Bujinkan Dojo martial arts in the city centre. According to their website: “Culture Night is a night of entertainment, discovery and adventure in Dublin and across 34 towns, cities and counties in… Continue Reading

Images from Japan trip, July 2012

I was in Japan for two weeks at the end of June/start of July for a combination of work and recreation – as always took lots of pictures so here is a selection. I haven’t updated this blog in a while so to be honest, I think I may have missed a trip here –… Continue Reading

Tokyo food and travel

Interested in visiting Tokyo on a culinary adventure? Well, I’ve a feature in the current edition of Food & Wine Magazine on Tokyo that might be of interest. (Pic courtesy of the Japan Tourist Board.) Unfortunately, it’s not online but you can get it in shops in Ireland now. I may post it up here… Continue Reading