Michie Dublin!

Regular readers of this blog (or in fact just normal people who know me!) know I have this Japan fetish thing. Been there a lot, like the country and the people, practice old style Japanese martial arts etc etc. One of the best things about visiting Japan is how fantastic the food is – it’s… Continue Reading


I’m just back from another Japan trip – my 14th – and I have the jisaboke something bad. Jisaboke means jetlag in Japanese, but I’m informed that it actually translates more entertainingly as “time difference stupidity,” which actually is far more descriptive of what’s going on in my head right now. I’m finding it increasingly… Continue Reading

Some nice video of Nikko

A friend of mine shot and posted this very beautiful piece of video on vimeo. It’s of the mountain town of Nikko in Japan, a famous tourist attraction a few hours north of Tokyo. I go there a fair bit when I’m visiting that country as it serves as a sort of antidote to the… Continue Reading

Watch them shuffle out of the way

A friend sent me a link to this video on youtube this morning. I’m just back from a two week training trip and so I find this particularly entertaining. In Japan, bizarrely, bicycles have right of way on the footpath. Why, I have no idea, as it makes no sense whatsoever when there are perfectly… Continue Reading

The swordsman cometh

Finally, the day draws nigh! After almost seven months, my sword is nearly ready! Regular readers of this blog will know that amongst many other things, I’m a bit of a Japanese sword nut. I’ve studied the use of the Japanese sword for several years and on a trip to Japan earlier this year, I… Continue Reading