Cringe. Not good.

Ouch, this is not good. To be honest, Cowen really doesn’t deserve the degree of grief he’s gotten over this. Sure, it’s not his greatest moment and personally I’d love to see him bounced out of office, but talk about over reaction.


Right, so for those people not living in Ireland, or living under a rock in Ireland, here’s what happened yesterday morning. Our Taoiseach (pronounced tee-shock) Brian Cowen is currently attending a party ‘think-in’, or strategy meeting with the rest of the Fianna Fail party at a hotel in the country. Normally, these things consist of… Continue Reading

Get in the bag . . .

This is just classic classic satire. Dara O’Briain has become a really impressive comedian, to my mind the best to come out of Ireland in recent years. This is pulled from youtube, and it appears to be professionally filmed footage of a gig, so it probably shouldn’t be there. However, I think material like this… Continue Reading

History repeating itself

I’ve been doing lots of travelling lately for work purposes – this time New York City and Florida – and got time to catch up on my movie watching. In particular, I’d been meaning to watch Frost Nixon for quite some time, and finally got the chane on a seven hour flight from JFK. It… Continue Reading

You’ve never seen Lost?

The first two episodes of series five premiered last night, and after watching the end of series four again to refresh the memory banks, I settled in to find out what’s been happening on the island. The last time I wrote something about what happened on Lost, I got castigated from a height for publishing… Continue Reading

Hmmm . . .

Why do we use the expression “on the net”? How can something be on a net? Surely, it makes more sense to say ‘in the net’? For example, wouldn’t it be better, more accurate and just more linguistically satisfying to say “I saw this doodah in the net today, my how I laughed”? Perhaps the… Continue Reading