How hot is hot?

I’ve just wrapped up a business article on the Middle East and came across this piece of trivia while researching it. The hottest temperature recorded on earth was in El Azizia in 1922, on the northern part of the African continent. Apparently on a Tuesday afternoon in September, scientists recorded ground temperatures of 136° F/57.8°… Continue Reading

How long could you watch TV for?

Man, I like movies, but this is taking things a little far. Just how much espresso would you need? 2 people watch 123 hours of movies in NYC NEW YORK (AP) — You may want to try this at home. Suresh Joachim of Toronto, and Claudia Wavra of Germany, claim to have broken the world… Continue Reading

Flexibility is a virtue

It is only in the field of politics that it’s considered a virtue for a person to state on Monday ‘this is my opinion and I can promise it will still be my opinion on Wednesday, regardless of what happens on Tuesday.’

My enemy’s enemy. . .

is my friend, or so it says in the book of Exodus. In this case, it’s Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, TV chef and foppish foodie. Hugh makes good television, and contributes to the amount of soothing pastoral green acreage we get on our TV screens. Mr Fearnley-Whittingstall seems like a decent bloke, and is currently in the… Continue Reading

Brian Cowen’s astonishing statistics

For anyone who doesn’t follow Irish politics, our Taoiseach (prime minister) Bertie Ahern last week resigned/was forced from office as a result of a litany of accusations of financial irregularities in the past. He’s being investigated by a tribunal for suspicion of taking bribes in the distant past and has spun a most unlikely web… Continue Reading

Guns are cool, mkay?

I was lucky enough to be in California before Christmas – been doing a lot of travelling lately – and got a chance to call into the LAX gun range to shoot some handguns – .22 calibre revolvers and Glock and Sig Sauer 9 mm semi-automatic handguns to be exact. (You’d never guess I spent… Continue Reading