Eckhart Tolle at Google.

An interesting discussion with Eckhart Tolle at Google. In particular, I like his thoughts on the difference between information and wisdom in a digital age. Tolle is an interesting man. Some of his ideas lean towards the pseudo-scientific, but the main thrust of his teachings on mindful living are extremely useful, and far outweigh any… Continue Reading

iOS 7: first impressions

So I’ve been using iOS7 on my phone for the last two days and thought I’d post something about it. Firstly though, some people will want to know how I have it now when it was barely announced this week and isn’t available to the public until the autumn. I don’t actually actually have ‘it’… Continue Reading

Just wow – images from Mars

There is an absolutely gorgeous 360 degree scrollable panorama shot of the surface of Mars online. You can see it full screen here. Anyone who isn’t excited about this has no soul. This is another planet. Not the moon, not outer space, but an alien world. Stunning. Just stunning.

Detox redux . . .

WordPress has an automatically generated theme that kicks in when someone views a WP blog using a mobile phone or other device. It overrides whatever theme the blog owner has specified, in order to format the text and images on the blog to make it look better on a mobile device. Weirdly it also includes… Continue Reading

Okay, I think I need an iPad.

So it’s obviously April Fool’s Day today, but leaving that aside, it’s also the day that the first pre-release iPads are getting unboxed, fired up and written about. First, let’s just get this out of the way – I don’t have one. There, that’s important to say, because I’m a tech journalist and do get… Continue Reading

Making social media work for businesses

As many of you know, I mostly write technology articles for newspapers and magazines here in Ireland. I don’t usually post that content up here as it tends to be time-specific and of niche interest. However, this piece might be interesting to people. It appears in this month’s Computerscope magazine, a controlled circulation publication. The… Continue Reading